Message de soutien aux étudiants (English version)

Dear students,

This past year has disrupted your daily lives and has had a major impact on the success of your studies. The new team in charge of the University is particularly attentive to this situation and we will make every effort to limit these impacts. In collaboration with the Crous, we will also ensure that the new year comes under the best possible sanitary conditions. In addition, the Centre-Val de Loire Region has implemented solidarity measures for students via the YEP'S system.

The faculties are organizing courses and exams starting from January, please contact them if you need any information. In the faculties where exams will be organized face-to-face, the necessary barrier measures will obviously be respected, in order to protect your health.

The Presidency of the University is taking into account everyone’s wishes to return to face-to-face courses, but we are also considering your concerns about changes that might be too sudden: our objective is to prepare this new year as best we can within the framework of government directives.

This return to a normal university life will be accompanied by special support for students that have been most affected by the successive confinements. An additional psychologist will be recruited at the University Health Service in January, to accompany students.

Until then, while the holiday season is an opportunity for many of you to spend time with your family, some of you will have to stay on campus, in university housing. As the university services are closed from December 19th to January 3rd, please find below the contacts of associations or services that will be open during this period. Do not hesitate to contact them if necessary:
- Food emergency
- Psychological support

In case of a medical emergency, call the 15 (emergency medical services). In case of a mental health emergency, contact the psychiatric emergency at 02 47 47 47 47.

In the current context, we are committed to carrying and sharing our core values, for a stronger and more supportive university community.

As I look forward to seeing you again, I wish all of you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season.