Café Con(f) Sciences : Social evolution in a world full of pathogens: What can we learn from non-eusocial insects?


le 25 juin 2020

Joël Meunier, CR CNRS IRBI.
Le séminaire a eu lieu sur Teams le jeudi 25 juin à 14h.

Résumé : Social life is widespread in animals. Whereas it generally provides some benefits to group members, it also greatly promotes the transmission of pathogens between individuals. So why and how group-living managed to evolve in a world full of pathogens? In insects, these questions have been addressed mainly through works on eusocial species, such as ants and bees. In this talk, I will emphasize the advantages and limits of these biological models and detail why it is now important to address these questions using species with less derived forms of group-living. To this end, I will present a series of results we recently obtained in the European earwig Forficula auricularia, a gregarious and subsocial insect with facultative family life.

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